4 Tattoos… So Far

I find it very interesting how people cope with loss.

As of today, I know of four people who have gotten tattoos in remembrance of Niff. And I get my two in a week.

The first one I knew of was Jen’s friend who got the word “Confidence” above a tattoo she already had. She has a beautiful pink ribbon (for Breast Cancer) on her back, and she had work added to it. Its very simple and very beautiful.

The second one is from a family member. She got hers on her shoulder blade. In a pretty font, it reads:

Saw the good in all & Funny in everything

along with her dates, and has very brightly colored butterflies surrounding it.

The third tattoo is “Confidence” (notice a trend yet?) in the same font as Jen’s. It is on her wrist, and when you look at it fast, it seriously looks like a bracelet.

Number 4 came yesterday. Niff’s friend got her name, with the dates on his upper arm.

I know a lot more people want to get them too, so I am anxious to see what design and art people get. I personally appreciate the more simple ideas, where it doesn’t come right out and say “This is the day she died.” That doesn’t float well with me. Instead, get something that you will know what it means, and if anything, it will be a conversation starter. Getting “Confidence” or a quote is understated, yet profound.

With the increase in technology, and medical science, I am under the notion that in a few years, there will be a lotion that you apply to your tattoo, wait 20 mins, wipe it off, and it will painlessly remove your ink. Just an idea…


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Margaret
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 19:41:07

    Wow I’m honored you posted my tattoo for Niffie…. I know she wasnt a fan of butterflies but it has special meaning…<3


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