Cliche’ First Post

I always wanted a blog, but never under these circumstances.

If you read Why “Coniffdence”? already, you know I’m doing this as a way to talk though what I’m feeling after the sudden loss of my sister, Jennifer. She passed away back in August, after a motorcycle accident. She was only 18.

I need a way to vent, and I do the best when I sit and think and type. Call it Generation Y Syndrome, but heck, it works for me, and that is all that really matters. Yes, talking to real people face to face is helpful to, but you don’t have time to really think before you answer. If you did, it would make for a very awkward conversation. But when I sit down and type, I think before what I type. Then I think about what I wrote, then ponder what I want to say next. A small paragraph could take me almost an hour to type, but only a few moments to read.

Today was an extra hard day for me. I had a one, okay three, crying moments at my desk, but I got through them. I’m convinced the weather plays a huge role on my mood. Plus, people keep removing the memorial that Jen’s friends set up for her at the accident site, so that just makes me feel sick to my stomach. I ate a small lunch because I had no appetite. And, for me to not have an appetite, means something is seriously wrong.

I wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Poughkeepsie Journal, asking for people to contact me if they knew anything about the reoccurring removal of her memorial. I hope it gets published. They have a large reading audience, so I hope I get some answers.


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