Defensive Driving Class

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to a Defensive Driving class. It was for 6 hours, and it was a mix of the teacher talking, the class talking over questions, and videos (VHS style).

I did not realize that the class was going to be difficult for me on an emotional level, until the teacher started talking about car accidents and fatalities. When ever he started talking about death rates, especially for younger drivers, I got a little sad. But I would always take a deep breath, hold my boy friends hand, and just think about something else.

This worked for most of the class, until we got to one particular video. It started with multiple car crashed and showing car wrecks, and I just didn’t want to sit there and hear about other families who lost someone in a car accident.

I walked outside into the hallway, went potty, and just sat on a bench and drank my water. It seemed like the video was 3 hours long, but I assume it only lasted a couple minuets. The teacher left the room for all the films, and when he came back, he asked why I was outside. I explained to him what happened, and he said that he had the same thing happen to his family. We went back inside after the film was over, and that was the end of it. I’m glad I didn’t make myself watch it. No reason to see the effects of a car accident. I know what they are.

I was proud of myself; I got the question right about what type of insurance has the best payout (life insurance).

It was difficult when he started talking about city vs. rural driving environments. He said rural driving has more accidents because of the faster speeds, windy roads, hills, and you guessed it, deer. My Mom keeps saying she is glad Bambi’s mom got shot.

I always though deer were cute. Now, I hate their stupid guts.


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