A Thoughtful Card

It makes me a little sad that people do not send cards like they used to.

Real cards, not e-cards, e-mails, or any of that stuff. I’m talking about someone finding a card (or making their own), hand writing a message, addressing it, and putting it in the mail. I love getting birthday cards in the mail, holiday cards, thank you cards (remember those?) and cards “just because.”

My best friend and I always send each other cards, because we are in sorta the same situation, and I hope that when she gets a card from me, it puts a smile on her face. Plus, it is nice to open your mailbox, and find something that isn’t a bill or junk mail.

Yesterday, I get home and there is a card on the counter for me. And I knew from the hand writing who it was from. Plus, we have a thing against white envelopes, but that is for a different blog.

Some days…
…it’s tougher to hang in there than others.

Now, pictures of funny cats and kittens crack me up. But the message is what matters. It’s okay to have bad days. Heck- it is expected. But just like the little kitty, you need to hang on, and it will eventually get better. She wrote some other stuff in there for me, but you get the general idea.

Do you know someone who you think needs a little cheering up? Of course you do. Get up, go to your local Hallmark (believe me, there check the back of the card), and get your pal a card.  Get their address, slap a stamp on it, and pop it in the mail. Trust me- it will make their day a whole lot brighter.

I’m a fan of blank-inside cards, because then you can write and doodle whatever you want.

Thanks for the card ❤


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