“…Just the way you are.”


I hate that song now. You know the one, by Bruno Mars.  Every time I hear it now, I think of Jennifer, and how much I miss her. I feel like he met Jen, and wrote that song about her. Her hair definitely fell perfectly without her trying, and when she smiled,  the whole world stopped and stared for awhile.

Yeah, she is amazing.

My Mom and I were watching Dancing With the Stars on Monday night, and Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas were dancing to that song.  Mom muted the TV, and when I asked her why, in a soft voice she said, “I don’t like that song.” So, we sat there in silence as we watched Bristol and Mark fox-trot their way across the dance floor. I, of corse, had to make a comment that it was funny to watch them in silence, and figure out what song they were dancing to. I got a chuckle out of my Mom, so it was worth it.

You can try it here. Watch the video, but mute your volume.

As I was finishing up this blog, the Green Day’s Time of Your Life came on the radio. That’s another song on the “I Don’t Like You Anymore” list.

UPDATE (3:07PM):

Oh iTunes, why must you mock me so?



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