“Why do you have an Angel necklace?”

Sometimes, I am shocked at how stupid people can be.

I’ve wanted to write about this for a while, but I didn’t want to ruin a surprise, but now it is safe to talk about.

Last Sunday, I went to the Pandora store in the Danbury mall to buy some beads for my best friend. I was on a mission, so walked right into the store, told the man the exact beads I wanted, and waited while he got them for me. I asked for two beads; the angel bead, and the best friend bead. He told me they didn’t have the best friend bead in the store, so he showed me different “friendship” options. In case you are wondering, I got her a pretty blue and white glass one in it’s place.

The guy kept talking to me, and was not getting the hint that I was not in the mood for small talk. It’s not like he needed to be nice so I would make a purchase. I was standing there with my credit card out. I was going to leave that store with a purchase.

First he asked if I played rugby, because I was wearing a rugby polo. If I was wearing a Yankee shirt, would that mean I played for the Yankees? I said, “No,” and waited for him to ring me up. The rest of the conversation was oodles of fun.

Man: “So, who are these beads for?
Me: “My best friend”
Man: “Oh nice. Why are you getting her an angel bead?”

Now, I’m getting snotty.

Me: “Her father passed away. I want her to have an angel bead.”

Now, this is the best part. I love people that can’t put two-and-two together

Man: “That is very sweet of you. I see you are wearing an angel on your necklace. Why?”
Me: “My sister died a few weeks ago. Are we done here?”

He didn’t have a response. He just rang me out and I left.

Okay, maybe I was a bit more rude that was needed. But come on! I bet that guy felt like a jerk after I left.

So Mr. Pandora Man, I’m sorry I was rude, but you were being stupid. I hope this teaches you to be more perceptive to your clients.

On the plus side, her bracelet looks beautiful:


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