I have a new found love and appreciate for sunflowers.

They are such a happy flower. They are big, yellow, and just truly interesting flowers. You can’t be sad when you see sunflowers, especially when you see them growing by a farm. They grow so tall, its like human sized flowers.

When we had to go to the florist to pick out flowers for the wake, I was adamant that the spread from Jim and myself was made of sunflowers. The very friendly people at Sabellico’s Florist sat us down at a table, and showed us the book. This book was filled with so many different arangements, ranging from the modest to the grand. I told the women, “I want sunflowers,” and she showed me the page of sunflowers. She said she would need to make some phone calls, because it wasn’t sunflower season, and wanted to get us the biggest ones she could find. She called later that afternoon and said she found beautiful ones, and would be able to make us the spread I wanted. They made us a huge heart out of sunflowers, with that ribbon that says, “Beloved Sister.” The flowers are long gone, but I still have the ribbon. Actually, I have every bow and ribbon from every floral arrangement, fruit basket, and everything else that had a bow on it.

When did this love for sunflowers start? I’m not really sure, but I do know the first time I sent them to Niff. She had just gotten her car, and my parents had called me to tell me. Me, being a poopie-head, got very jealous, and lost sight of the excitement of Jen getting a new car. I felt really bad, but I was up at school at over an hour away. So, I went outside (I was working at Starbucks at the time) and called all the florists I could think of back home, and found one that delivered on a Sunday. I sent Jen a huge thing of sunflowers, with a card that said congratulations on her new car.

Yesterday, I got home from work, and there was a card for me on the counter.

Even the envelope had a sunflower on it!

The card made my day, and it was good to see sunflowers again.


Thanks for the card ❤




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