That, my friends, is sister talk.

Nif and I would say that in the house, like if we couldn’t find the other. If I was downstairs, and she was upstairs, I would yell, “Kalookalay!” and she would answer, “Kalookalay!” back. I don’t know why we started doing it, but we just did. And it stuck. If Jen just answered with a, “Whaaaaat?” I would shout back, “Say it right!” until she answered back correctly. I’m sure our neighbors loved this.

We got the idea for kalookalay from The Simpson. Mr. Burns always said it when he was excited, and it just cracked us up. We never knew what it meant, and I am not even sure if I am spelling it correctly. All I know is that it is our sister talk, and we always said it.

After Jen passed, a lot of her friends were sporting the white “In Memory of Jennifer ‘Niffie’ DeVito” stickers on their car. How they got them printed so fast is beyond me, but they did. They asked me if I wanted one, and I declined. I don’t want to see the dates (her date of birth and date of death) every single day. I know what they are, and I promise you I won’t forget. Plus, I wanted something special; something made just for me.

I went to a local sign shop, and had my own sticker designed and printed.

From the outside of my car

From the inside of my car

I got the sticker on my sunroof, not my back window. I didn’t want something that would be on my window for everyone to see driving. I wanted something more personal, and almost sort of a hidden secret.

When Jen was little, she would always write in the dust on the top of the car, “Hi God” with a smiley face. I thought this was the most beautiful and magnificent thing that she ever did. It was such a minor action, that is truly a large and worldly concept for a child to grasp. I always think of this when I see people write in the dirt on cars. Jen was the only person to write to God, on the top of the car where he would see it looking down from Heaven.

So, as a result, I wanted a message that Jen could see when she was looking down from Heaven. The sticker says “Hi Niffie” then “Kalookalay” twice. In the first image, the bottom “Kalookalay” is flipped and is backwards. This way, when I sit in my car, and look through my sunroof, I can read one “Kalookalay” perfectly. It is like Jen is saying is back to me, and only I can read it. Also, then if it is sunny out, the shadow from the sticker shows up on my dashboard, and I can read it perfectly.

And this makes me very happy.



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ri
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 15:54:22

    I am sitting at my desk literally holding back tears. this is amazing, so creative & beautiful. i love you.


  2. Jacqueline DeVito
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 16:04:27

    Don’t cry Shpanno. You will run your mascara 🙂



  3. debby
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 18:16:16

    Beautiful , just like you.


  4. Chickie
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 18:36:23





  5. RoseMarie Graveline
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 20:44:34

    Its Perfect! not gonna lie made me cry.. I love you!


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