Tiffany & Co. Part I

Everyone should know a good jeweler.

Last year for Jen’s 18th birthday, I got her a silver ring from Tiffany & Co. My theory is that by the time a girl is 18 years old, she should have a piece of jewelry from Tiffanys. I wasn’t sure what ring to get her, so I had my Mom come with me, and I had her model the different options I had picked out. I researched for weeks before, to make sure I got one I knew Jen would like. I remember going to The Westchester, and picking it out, and leaving there with the coveted teal box with white ribbon.

I didn’t just give Nif the bag. No, no. I got a huge box, like something a toaster would come in, and filled it with packing peanuts, and hid the Tiffany’s bag in there. I wrapped up the giant box with pink wrapping paper, and a big white bow.

I love giving cards, and for her 18th birthday, I went all out. I must have gotten her six different cards, with different birthday ages. I got her a “Happy First Birthday,” “Happy 3rd Birthday” and so on, and all the card ages added up to 18. It was cute because the cards for the lower ages had all princesses and glitter on it.

We called each other ring buddies, because for my 22nd birthday, Nif got me a beautiful ring that looked like a belt buckle, that had silver and black little diamonds all over it. If you ever noticed my jewelry, that is the ring I wear on my pinky. Then, she got a ring for her birthday, hence, ring buddies.

She always wore her ring, and after she passed, my Mom started wearing it. My Dad felt like he didn’t have anything from Jen to wear, unlike my Mom and I. I had my ring and my guardian angel necklace, and my Mom had Jen’s ring and cross. My Mom, being the genius that she is, asked me if she could modify the Tiffanys ring, and give it to my Dad. I was all for the idea, and had no idea how amazing it would turn out.

Now, not many jewelers will modify jewelry from Tiffanys, so my Mom had to find someone who would do it. She bought two thin gold wedding bands, and wanted the silver ring welded between the two. Mind you, Jennifer’s ring size is much smaller than that of my Dad’s so we figured the ring would need to be cut.

The jeweler refused to cut the ring, and used a special chemical to stretch the ring, so it is the exact ring that Jen wore. The circle was never broken. He removed the dangley heart, and made an amazing ring for my Dad. Inside the ring is ingraved, “Daddy Daddy,” which is what Jen called my Dad.

Original Ring

Dad’s New Ring
(The silver ring in the middle is Jen’s ring)

It really is a beautiful looking ring, even without the symbolic importance of it. I just like the fact that the ring was never cut, and it surrounds my Dad’s finger, the exact way it surrounded Jen’s finger.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. RoseMarie Graveline
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 13:12:35

    Its beautiful!! xoxo


  2. Lesley Lee-Chun
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 12:33:06


    I know it’s been forever, but I really like this blog and it’s message. It is so inspiring and every post makes me cry and hug my sister. I hope you are doing well!



  3. Jacqueline DeVito
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 12:35:21


    I’m glad you like it. Don’t cry, but definitely hug your sister. I’m doing okay, and I hope you are doing well too!


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