Car at Church

Last night, my Mom, my Dad, and myself went to Church for All Soul’s Day mass. It was a small mass; maybe about 75 people there.

Before we went into the Church, in the vestibule was a sheet for all the parents to write down the names of their children that they lost. Then during the mass, there was a part when all the names of the children were called, and a family member for that person went up, and lit a special candle. By the end, there was a huge display of flickering candles.

The mass was different. You could just feel the sadness in the room. And there was a range from young parents, to older couples. And you could see people around the room crying and heard people sniffling. My Mom and Dad were crying, which made me even more sad. I offered my Mom my sleeve to wipe her boogies on, but she politely declined. The one thing I liked about the mass was the Priest sad he had no idea the pain the parents felt, and he would never know, because he was, well, a Priest. I thought that was nice; he didn’t try to sugar coat the fact that the pain everyone was feeling was astronomical.

Society prepares us for all sorts of pain and grief (to an extent). Grandparents, aunts, uncles, even our own parents will all pass on during our lifetime. But, no one is prepared for the loss of a child. And that is what makes my heart break the most for my Mom and Dad.

So, after everything was said and done, and mass was over, we stayed for a few minuets longer to talk to some people, and finally made our way out of the church and into the parking lot. I parked a bit farther away than my parents, and when we look to my car, my Mom goes, “Who’s white van is that?” We all look to see, and on the side window was this:

We didn’t see any of Jen’s friends there, and no one would park their car in a Church parking lot. And, of all the cars in the whole lot, that car parked by me. We still have no idea who’s car it is. But, it made me happy to see it ❤



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