Turkey Sandwich

This Saturday, I was up really early for a safety class. I knew the class was from 9:00AM – 2:00pm, so I was going to bring lunch. I was looking in the fridge for the turkey from the deli, and to my surprise, Jim ate it all, and there was nothing for me to make my lunch with. I mumbled some stuff under my breath, and decided to stop at the deli on my way to the class, and pick up a sandwich.

I got to my favorite deli, and walked past the sea of older gentlemen gossiping about who knows what, and made my way to the counter. Everyone was ordering their breakfast sandwiches and coffees, and here I come, and ordered a turkey sandwich on a roll, with provolone, mayo, salt and pepper.I waited for the lady to make my sandwich, wrapped it up in the white paper, taped it shut, and I left with my sandwich in tow.

As I drove to my class, I passed a strip mall, which I’ve passed hundreds of times, and instantly remembered the day of my aunt’s wedding. In that strip mall was a salon, and that is where we all got our hair and makeup done for my aunts wedding, at like 7:00 in the morning.

Jennifer and I were bridesmaids, and were really tired and hungry that morning, because we didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast. We complained to my Mom that we were starving, and she walked us over to the deli that was next to the salon. With our hair half done, and in our pjs, we walked up to the counter, and Jen placed her order first.

“I want a turkey sandwich. With cheese. And mayo”

My mom, the guy behind the counter, and myself looked at her. We asked her why she wants a sandwich so early, and suggested a roll or bagel instead. Nif said that she was really hungry, and wanted a sandwich. This got me thinking that I was really hungry too, and I got a turkey sandwich as well.

We made our way back to the salon, sat back in the chairs, and enjoyed our turkey sandwiches nice and early in the morning.

So,in conclusion,  it is completely normal for DeVito sisters to order turkey sandwiches very early in the morning.


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