Tiffany & Co. Part III

Yes, I know. I have a problem. I need to stop spending money at Tiffany’s, but I just can’t help it.

Yesterday, I was in the city with my Lobster, and I had him take me to Tiffany & Co. on 5th Avenue (again). It was all decorated for Christmas, and looked really beautiful. They even had the hidden elevators opened for the extra shoppers. We traveled up to the 6th floor for home decor, bags and small gifts.

I knew I wanted to get my Mom a special Christmas ornament for the tree this year, but nothing too religious or gaudy. I researched online, and found the ornament I wanted. I was going to buy it online but the shipping was crazy expensive, and figured it would be more fun if I bought it myself.

I found the tree with all the ornaments, and picked out the one I wanted. The sales lady said they didn’t have any more left, but I was welcome to have a floor sample. I was not leaving that store without an ornament, so I was comparing the options for quality, when a second sales associate came over and said she found a brand new one still in the box. I opted for that one, obviously, and gave the woman my card.

On a side note, I love shopping at Tiffany’s. They ask you, “How would you like to pay?” and then I just handed her my credit card. No mention of cost is discussed and I didn’t even need to go to a register. They rung me up, brought me my bag, and I signed my receipt. Tre’ chic.

This time at Tiffany’s, I didn’t cry. I was proud of myself. I was more happy to get something for my Mom, than worrying about why I was buying an ornament.

I got my Mommy a crystal angel ornament. It is small and simple, and I think it is perfect.

Angel Ornament from Tiffany & Co.

Angel Ornament Zoomed In

I really do like it, and I hope Niff does too ❤


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