I am Thankful For…

Well, it is Thanksgiving eve.

And as we slowly approach the holiday season, it is important to be thankful for all that we do have, even in the shadow of tragic events.

A friend (Thanks RS) sent me an e-mail today, with the a post from Tiny Buddha, an online blog that shares simple wisdoms via blog, Twitter and Facebook. This particular post was one of those “wow” moments.

“Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy.”

-Milton Erickson

It’s inevitable we’ll hurt in life, and in it’s inevitable we’ll want more of the good times, less of the bad, and more control over the distribution.

We can’t change that pain is a part of life, but we can choose to  be responsible for joy instead of sitting around waiting for it–wondering when someone will change or something will change and happiness will seem less elusive.

We can do the things we love a little every day. And tell the people we love how we feel every day. And try something that scares us every day. We can live bold, passionate lives by deciding to be bold and passionate, right now.

Every day won’t be easy, but on any moment we can let go and start anew.

This took me by surprise. I was not expecting something so profound to come to me via e-mail. It was exactly what I needed to read before our first major holiday. My family and I are expecting tomorrow to suck, but if you go into it with the expectation of it going to be difficult, you will surprise yourself with how well you handle it. So, that will be my mentality for the day. Plus, I will be full of good food, and surrounded by family and friends and what’s better than that?

I remember a lot from my days as being a New Member of Alpha Xi Delta, but one thing that stands out is the older Sisters teaching us, is that no matter what, we were one. Did I have 15 other pledge sisters? Yes. Where there thousands of Alpha Xis across the country? Yes. But how many of us were there? One. And that is how I see my family. We are one. We will always be one. S#!t is gonna happen, but we will still remain as one whole family, supporting each other always, and nothing will ever change that.

So, as your typical cliché, I want to share all that I am thankful for; today, tomorrow, and everyday:

  • My Family. No matter what happened, what we do, or what we say, I know I have a loving family for me. And really, that is all you need.
  • Seamus. I am the only person I know who has a younger brother, who protects me like a big brother, and for that, I am thankful.
  • My Friends. Heck, my friends are my family, but they are the family I got to pick. They understand me, I understand them, and I know they would do anything in the world for me.
  • Jen’s Friends. They remind me of Jen everyday, and I love the random text messages I get from them saying, “I got a McChicken today” or “Can we go get nuggets?”
  • My Sisters. These are the most amazing young women I have ever met. And when they say “It’s not four years, it’s for life,” they are not kidding. I can’t see a pink rose without thinking (and missing) my sisters. TFJ.
  • My Lobster. He has been nothing short of amazing, and treats me and loves me like the Princess I am, and I love him more that I thought was possible ❤
  • My Kitty: There are not enough words in the English language to express how thankful I am to have a Kitty Zombie.
  • My Dogs and Roberta. Yes, I know they are only animals. But sometimes, all you want is something to cuddle up with when you’re sad, who wont ask questions, but let you pet their head. And Roberta is the best guard chicken in the whole wide world.
  • My Job. I am so lucky that I wake up every morning and look forward to going to work. I love what I do, I love the people I work with, and I truly enjoy being creative at work. Where else can I keep crayons in my desk, to sketch out a quick design, then turn it into a website?
  • Starbucks. Because sometimes, all that will cheer you up is a hot Venti Soy Toffe Nut Latte.
  • Crazy Colored Sneakers. Because when your feet are happy, the rest of you is happy.
  • Tiffany & Co. Because all gifts are better when in a teal box.
  • Hallmark and the US Postal Service. This year, I’ve sent more cards, and definitely received more cards than ever before. I’ve saved every one, and I truly appreciate the thought that someone wanted to send me a card. Plus, I enjoy the simple pleasure in hand writing a card to someone, writing their address, and sealing it up with my personalized stickers.
  • Rainbows.For everything they have represented though the ages, and everything they mean to me.
  • Loosing Stuff in My Room. It reminds me of when Jen stole my hairbrush, straightner, makeup, etc…
  • Ambiance Zen Day Spa. There is nothing better then an hour facial or massage, where you clear all your thoughts and relax.
  • Sunflowers. They are happy flowers, and make me happy.
  • New Socks. I don’t think this needs an explanation. New socks are the best.
  • My Guardian Angel. Now, everyday, I go out and live honorably so that I may honor my sister, her memory, all that she was, and all that she is.

I’m sure there are tons of things I am missing, but I am grateful everyday for what I do have.

Have a safe, enjoyable, memorable and overall thankful Thanksgiving.

PS- Feel free to share what you are thankful for ❤






8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. X-Mas Abasolo
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 15:43:55

    I seriously creep on your blog, but it’s because I ❤ you and your posts. Have a good Thanksgiving!


  2. debby
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 16:58:40

    I am grateful my friend has an amazing daughter like you to spend the holiday with. : )


  3. ashley cantor
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 17:19:47

    okay, so since i have aunt flo, (tmi I know) i figured I wouldnt get emotional over your blog as I normally do, but it never fails. I am sitting in anchorage airport with tears in my eyes…your blog is a journy for you but its a reminder to everyone else about what we should learn from you..its inspirational…and ill let you in on a secret, you always inspired me to want to be better. (not sure if this made sense, I have been traveling for over 24 hrs now)


    • Jacqueline DeVito
      Nov 24, 2010 @ 17:27:09

      Ashley, I love you so much. I always inspired to be more like you. You are always giving to others, helping, and you are so passionate about philanthropy.

      I hope you have a safe flight, and tell Aunt Flo I said you can have some chocolate ice cream. TFJ ❤


  4. Katherine Lee
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 20:48:14

    I am very thankful for my Vito Monster. You are my best friend and I cannot express how much I value our friendship.

    ❤ Kitty Zombie


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