Last Day of November

Holy cow.

Tomorrow is December. Where has the time gone? I can’t believe we just celebrated Thanksgiving, and Christmas is right around the corner.

In case you are keeping score, we have survived the following events:

[x] My 23rd Birthday
[x] Jen’s 19th Birthday
[x] Thanksgiving

… but we still have a lot more hurdles to clear.

Thanksgiving went well for us. It truly did. We had a ton of food, and kept ourselves busy most of the day. It was just a different Thanksgiving. At one point, I was helping my Mom at the stove, and heard Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, and froze. It was so faint, I thought I was hearing things. I looked up at my Mom, and she looked at me like, “OMG You hear that too?” We both turned around, looked at RF (who was sitting behind us at the counter) and we all ran into the living room. And sure enough, there was some NFL/Thanksgiving commercial using that song in the background. Then, as quickly as we ran into the living room, we went right back to finishing up dinner. Later on, my Mom said it was like Jen was with us saying, “I’m here.” It was the highlight of my Thanksgiving, after the delicious food of course.

Watching the parade was difficult. They showed some baton team twirling in front of Macys. I wish Jen was here so she could say, “Wow, they suck. I’m better,” and then she would get up and get some snacks.

After dinner, some friends came over for dessert, and we sat around talking. It was nice to goof around and be silly, because I haven’t gotten to act like that in a long time. It was a pleasant chance of pace.

I did some holiday shopping this weekend, and I kept forgetting that I only have three close family members to buy gifts for, not four. That was hard. I was upset that I kept forgetting.

Pus, all the Christmas music and lights aren’t helping. But, the one thing that makes me smile is:

I’m pretty sure Niff did a baton routine to that song, but I can’t remember. Maybe Pace Basketball halftime? There were so many songs, it is hard to keep track…



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