Daddy’s Birthday Angel

Last weekend was my Daddy’s birthday. Like every year, and I’m sure ya’ll do the same, we asked my Dad want he wanted. He listed some of the normal Dad stuff (tools, shirts, etc…) but he said that he wanted an Angel Christmas yard decoration, to replace putting Christmas lights up on the house and trees.

My Mom and I were on a mission to find the perfect Angel for Dad. We looked everywhere. I looked at all the stores online, and my Mom hit the stores. No place had the kind we originally wanted; the large plastic kind that light up, like the plastic Santa and Frosty you may see.

Then, finally, my Mom and I found one online, but only days before my Dad’s birthday. I quick bought it online, and opted for the overnight shipping (which actually took 3 days) so we would have it in time.

On my Dad’s birthday, we gave him all his presents and saved the Angel for last. He opened the box, and we immediately cleared the counter, so we could put it together. We ran outside, and found the perfect place to put her, so that everyone could see her. We opted for right near the house, to the left of the driveway, so you can see her from the road and when you pull up to the house.

She is very beautiful. She is made of wire, and covered in a thick coat of gold glitter, and lights up so bright at night. You can’t tell here, but she is holding some poinsettia flowers. I call it her “Nifangel” (one word) and every night when I get home from work, I say “Hi Jen.”

In years past, we would hang lights on the house, hag a huge wreath above the garage doors, and light up all the trees in the yard. This year, we opted for just the Nifangel, and I think our house looks perfect.



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