Sunflower Wreath

I hope for all my faithful readers, by this point in Coniffdence, you know that I like sunflowers and that they remind me of Jen.

Yesterday night, I was in the craft store and found the most amazing wreath made of sunflowers. I went outside, called my Mom, and made sure it would be okay if I came home with it. I sent her a picture of it, and she said yes.

I went back into the store, bought the wreath, and realized I should have looked at the price first, but realized it didn’t matter how much it was because I wanted it. (Note to Self: shop shopping like that)

I put it in the trunk of my car, cried a little bit, and went home.

As soon as I got home, I said “Hi Jen” to Nifangel, and showed my Mom the wreath. Both my Mom and Dad asked, “Where are we gonna put it?” and, at that point, I realized I had not really thought that far ahead, and only got as far as the buying process; not the actual hanging up process.

A few minuets ago, my Mom sent me a picture of where she hung up the wreath.

In the craft store

In my house ❤

My Mom hung it above the TV in the family room. I really like it. I’m glad I found it.


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