Angels, Angels Everywhere

I didn’t really notice until after we put up the tree and started adding the ornaments, that we have a lot of angels in our house. Not just after Jennifer passed away; we’ve had some of these angels for a long time. I went around the house, and took pictures of all the angels I could find.

Our Angel Tree Topper. I got her on eBay when our original one was ruined in a flood. I was able to find the exact same one. Its for my Mom’s Dad who passed away

In our kitchen

In our family room. Note the pictures of Nif  in the background

From one of Jennifer’s friends

I can’t remember where this one came from…

An old Angel decoration from my Nanny

An Angel my Nanny made many years ago

I bought this Angel a few weeks ago when I got frustrated that I couldn’t find an Angle tree topper

A Beanie Baby my Dad hung up the other day

A cute Angel ornament Santa got me for Christmas

A little Angel ornament I got for Jen and put in her stocking

An Angel ornament Santa got for my Dad

A “Dad, Please Drive Safely” visor clip

The Angel pin my Dad has in his car

The Angel on Jenn’s Bench

The two Angel pins in my car

Nifangel, our only Christmas outdoor decoration

The visor clip in Jim’s car

The Angel pin in my Mom’s car

A November Angel ornament

A cute little gold Angel ornament

Decorative Angel ornament

Little glittery Angel

September Angel ornament for myself

November Angel ornament for Jen

Old Angel ornament

Gloria, the Angel on top of the manger

Fun, cute Angel ornament

Stained glass Angel ornament

Gold engraved Angel ornament

An Angel for my Pop-Pop who passed away

Simple glass Angel

The Angel Tree Topper I made, named Angie

The Jennifer Angel Ornament

A second glittery Angel

A fun Angel on a swing

A second gold engraved Angel ornament

The Tiffany’s Angel Ornament

An Angel painting in the living room

Lenox Angel in the dining room

Two baby Angels

Angel playing an instrument

The sister Angel holding a vase

The Beanie Baby Angel in my Dad’s office

I have a feeling I am missing some Angels around the house, but I am pretty sure you get the idea…



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