Walking in Her Shoes

Isn’t there an old saying, how you better understand someone after walking in their shoes? Well, what happens when you literally wear their shoes, and walk around in them?

Not too long ago, I went to NYC with my Lobster, and was worried about what shoes I was going to wear. Not only was it chilly out, but  had to face the elements. I was going to wear my furry boots, but realized that  they were very uncomfortable. My Mom suggested that I wear one of Jennifer’s Timberland boots, because they were sturdy boots, and would keep my feet warm.

I tried one of her pairs on, with lots of fur inside the boot, and they were just way too big. Then I was scared that the other pair wasn’t going to fit, but when I tried them on, they fit really well, and looked cute on.

The next day, I got up, got dressed, put on Jen’s Tims, laced them up, and got ready for my day. And I felt really good wearing them. Just knowing that I was wearing Niff’s shoes made me feel special. I felt like there was an extra spring in my step. Every time I looked at my feet, I got happy. I was so afraid that I was gonna ruin them, but I was careful, and only got a little bit of dirt on them. Plus, I kept whispering to myself:

“Hi Jen. Don’t worry I won’t ruin your boots. Thank you for letting me borrow them.”



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