Scrap Booking for Niff

One of the support groups that my Mom and I attend, have a giant book of all the children who passed away. My Mom wanted to add Jen to the book, and I said I would help.

Each parent is asked to add two pages. One page is just an image of the child, and the other page is a poem or some quotes.

These are the ones I made for my Mom:

The First Page, of just Jen

Mom’s Poem Page

And, because I am in the group for just siblings, we are starting our own book. I was asked to make the cover page:

And these are the two pages I made for our binder:

I don’t like seeing her dates, so I wrote them out in Roman Numerals

The “Friends may come and go, but sisters are forever” quote is from a banner I made for Niff that she has hung in her room.

My Mom’s pages and my pages look the same, because we both unknowingly picked the same picture to use. I think it was faith ❤


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