Jennifer’s Song

I swear, this just can’t be a coincidence .

When Jennifer and I were little, my Dad made up songs for each of us, using our names. Dad sometimes still sings them, and I remember them both perfectly.

Last night, the 16th, I was watching The Simpsons, like I do every Sunday, and instantly jumped up when the credits rolled at the end of the show. The song that played during the credits made me cry, and then I  got really excited. It sounded just like the song my Dad sang to Jen!

I intercomed my Dad (I didn’t wanna get out of bed) who was downstairs, and asked him about the song. I asked him if he made it up all on his own, or if it was based on some other song. He said it was all his own work, but the two songs just sounded too much alike.

So, I did some research and found the song online.  I sent a video clip to my parents, and they both responded and said, “That’s the song!”

You can watch The Simpson’s clip here on Hulu. The credits start rolling at the 21:04 mark.

And here is the video I found on YouTube:

The lyrics are:

Jennifer Juniper lives upon the hill,
Jennifer Juniper, sitting very still.
Is she sleeping ? I don’t think so.
Is she breathing ? Yes, very low.
Whatcha doing, Jennifer, my love ?
Jennifer Juniper, rides a dappled mare,
Jennifer Juniper, lilacs in her hair.
Is she dreaming ? Yes, I think so.
Is she pretty ? Yes, ever so.
Whatcha doing, Jennifer, my love ?
I’m thinking of what it would be like if she loved me.
You know just lately this happy song it came along
And I like to somehow try and tell you.
Jennifer Juniper, hair of golden flax.
Jennifer Juniper longs for what she lacks.
Do you like her ? Yes, I do, Sir.
Would you love her ? Yes, I would, Sir.
Whatcha doing Jennifer, my love ?
Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper.
Jennifer Juniper vit sur la colline,
Jennifer Juniper assise trs tranquille.
Dort-elle ? Je ne crois pas.
Respire-t-elle ? Oui, mais tout bas.
Qu’est-ce que tu fais, Jenny mon amour ?
Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper.

AND! My Mom just e-mailed me and said Bruno Mars was gonna be on Ellen today. You know, the guy who sings Just the Way You Are. Again, this just can’t be a coincidence…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. breannnaaaa
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 15:02:55

    Or a CONIFFIDENDENCE. it goes both wayssssss!


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