“Set Up Scanner for Jennifer”

So, the other day I was working with some woman, and as we were going along, she was writing down notes to herself. At one point we were talking about scanners, and she wrote down:

Set up scanner for Jennifer

I looked at her note pad, and asked her, “Did you just write down Jennifer?” The woman looked down at what she had wrote, and said, “Oh my gosh. Wasn’t that your sister’s name?” I said yes, and she quickly appologized. I told her it was not a problem, and I like when people call me Jen by mistake.

The funny thing is that not once during our entire conversation, had we even mentioned Jennifer, or anything about my personal life. Also, it seems weird to confuse “Jacqueline” and “Jennifer.” They’re not even close. Its not like mixing up “Rosemarie” and “Rosemary.”

Later that day, I was driving down to see the Lobster, and looked up in the sky, and what did I see? You guessed it, a rainbow. It was only a rainbow segment, but it seemed to be very  un-rainbow like weather, so I wasn’t expecting to see it. I took a quick picture, and sent it to my Mom and Dad.

I continued my drive, and kept looking at my rainbow. For a while, I lost it because it was hidden behind the trees and mountains, and I thought it went away.

I stopped at the train station, and was waiting for the Lobster to arrive. I looked across the river, and what did I see this time? The full rainbow!

I take all my precious little signs to heart, and just find it way too coincidental that this all happened on the same day. My Mom says that I find more rainbows that anyone else, which is perfectly fine with me ❤



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