Signs Comes in Threes

Sometimes, I feel, nay, know, I get signs from Niff. You may call me crazy, but I know that is what they are. And, when I get three signs all at once, then I definitely know it is for real.

I was driving home from work on Friday afternoon, and going down Stormville Mountain on I84 West. And, like I usually do, I saw a rainbow. I tried to get a picture, but it was not gonna be safe to do, so I put my phone away.Then I was merging off I84 onto the Taconic Parkway North, and kept trying to see my rainbow, but it moved away. However, I saw two clouds that just made me cry.

The first cloud I noticed looked like two Angel wings, being wrapped over each other; like they were giving a hug. They were so detailed, I felt like I could see the individual feathers.  Then, next to the wings, I saw a profile of an Angel. She had a halo, wings, and was holding her hands in front of her. As I am typing this, I know how crazy I sound, but it was so detailed and defined!

I was in the right lane so I could get off the highway, and then, a car passed me on the left with two Silver Starlite stickers on its back window. I couldn’t help but cry and laugh at the same time. I called my Mom right away to tell her what I saw.

First the rainbow, then the Angel clouds, and finally Silver Starlite stickers? You may call it a coincidence, but I call it Niff Love.


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