Jennifer “Niffie” DeVito Memorial Plaque

Last Saturday, April 2nd, was the New York State Baton Competition at John Jay, hosted by the Silver Starlites. There was about 84 teams, and one team was awarded the Jennifer “Niffie” DeVito Memorial Plaque. The award was given to the highest scoring New York State Advanced Juvenile Dance Twirl Team. I know to many of you that means nothing, but in layman’s terms, that means the award goes to the best team of younger girls (elementary ages) who twirled to a song, not march music.

When Jen was a coach for the Silver Starlites, her team was the Advanced Juvenile Dance Twirl team. You may remember this as the team that twirled to When I Grow Up.

So, the team decided to make a memorial plaque in Nif’s honor. Now, every year at the State’s competition, the award will be given out, and the team’s name gets engraved on it.

Many of the girl's who were on Jen's team last year were on the winning team this year.


My Mom and Dad handed the girls their plaque


The girls, as well as my parents, were crying


Jen's old coach made a lovely speech, and told the girls that they need to do amazing at Nationals in the summer


The wining team, and their coach giving a speech

In the middle of the plaque is a picture of Jen and some of her twirlers from last year


The full plaque that will be awarded for 20 years


In loving memory of our coach, friend and teammate. Thank you for sharing your love of Baton Twirling with us. Will will always remember you.


Niff and parts of her team

The Jennifer "Niffie" DeVito Memorial Plaque


My Mom, Dad, the winning team and myself outside. The girls in the royal blue tee shirts are the girls on the plaque as well

Mom, Dad and Niff

At one point during the competition, I ran to check the scores and made sure that Jen’s old team was going to win the plaque.

It was an emotional day, but as weird as it sounds, it felt good to be back at a competition. I missed them.


kalookalay ❤





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  1. Anonymous
    May 07, 2011 @ 02:22:14

    Your sister had the most amazing personality ever, her smile always lit up the room wherever she went or was. When Jen was around the atmosphere was always better. Jen was always friendly and never a judgmental person. One of my favorite things about your sister was that she never let anything or anyone phase her. She always stood up for herself and others, as well as the things she believed in. It is a shame she had to leave this world so young, but she is now in a better place waiting for us all. The memorial car ride set up for Jen was amazing, it was exactly what she would have wanted, a celebration of her life. As the ride went on the rain came down, I texted your brother Jim telling him that was his sister crying down on us with happy tears for what we all had done for her that day. It was the least we could do, after all your sister touched so many lives and brought people so much happiness. Your sister was an amazing person which I am sure you know already. Let her soul rest in peace. Always remember the good times you have spent together because that will last a life time.



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  3. Timothy Dannenhoffer
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 20:25:05

    Terribly sorry about the loss of your sister. I just got down from hiking Breakneck Ridge and noticed the memorial along the highway. May the feelings of loss fade and the memories of her beautiful smile remain forever.


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