Good Luck

Niff had tons of sayings and theories, that she openly shared.

I think it was last summer, Jen and I were in the car, she was driving, and the car driving in the other lane (coming towards us) turned on it’s headlights. Well, Jen got so excited and started saying “OMG that’s good luck!”

I had no idea what she was referring to, but according to Jen, when you see a car turn on its headlights, its good luck. She said that it is so rare to see, so when you do catch a glimpse of it, you get good luck.

Before, I was driving, and sure enough, I saw a car coming towards me turn on its lights. A few minuets later, I was at a red light behind a car with the Niff sticker.

I already feel lucky for seeing that ❤


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