Ice Cream & Spicy Nuggest

(I found this draft saved on my phone from October 8th. I know I wrote a blog similar to this, but I think it’s worth to re-post)

Jennifer and I always borrowed stuff from each other. Even best friends.

I have been hanging out with Jen’s friends more now that I ever have. I like seeing them, and I hope they like seeing me. But, I have been spending a lot of time with Nif’s best friend. Nothing crazy, but we just hang out and chillax (I learned that from Niff) and we talk about all sorts of stuff.

Earlier in the week, Niff’s best friend and I went out on our ice cream date to coldstone. We go, get out dessert, and sit outside and talk. The last time, it was kinda sad because we kept talking about selfish people and stuff like that.

But this time was different. We spent some time talking about us, like what is going on in each other’s lives, but the convo quickly turned into talking about Jen. We kept saying, “I remember when Jen did this,” or “I remember when Jen said that.” We were like two little old ladies remember our past.

And because nothing goes better with ice cream than spicy chicken nuggets, we took a short trip to Wendy’s and got four orders of nuggets. So, as we drove home, we enjoyed nuggets and each other’s company.

At home, we went up into my room and watched Degrassi. We layed down on my bed, and she got me up to speed on all the new characters and what was happening. It reminded me of when Jen and I would go an Degrassi binges, and watch it for hours in my room, paired with snacks, iced tea, and doggies on our feet.

I really like spending time with Jen’s best friend. Its nice to feel like I’m the big sister hanging out with my little sister again. We act all silly, and ramble on about boys, uggs, and everything else you could think of.

Sometimes, I bring her lunch/dinner when she’s sat work. If I was at the mall, and it was around dinner, I would bring Jen food. Sometimes, she would text me when I was at home, and I would pack her a cute little meal and drive it up, note on napkin included. I remember on her birthday she had to work, and couldn’t have birthday dinner with us. I ordered her favorite meal from Ruby Tuesdays (the broccolli, pasta and chicken) and brought it over to her at work. It made me feel like a good big sister.

I miss my little sister.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erica
    May 16, 2011 @ 22:27:10

    This made me smile so big Jacqueline. And I’m glad that you act like my bg sister because I never had one of those before. It makes me happy how close we have become, and I’m glad that I can make you feel like you can still be a big sister =) I’ll be sure to see you veryyyy soon. Love you ❤


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