Nine Months

9 Months

39 Weeks

273 Days

About 6552 Hours

About 393,120 Minutes

About 23,587,200 Seconds

However you break it down, it is almost inconceivable to comprehend that Jen is not here.

I’ve thought this for a while, but never found the right words to describe it. Do you think that people know that they only have so much time here, so they make the most of it? I don’t mean it like they concisely know when they will pass on, but somewhere deep in their soul, they make the best of what little time they have with family and friends.

If I said it once, I said it a million times to Niff, “Stop taking pictures of yourself.” She was always snapping pictures away of herself; being silly, being serious, at prom, at baton, in the car, everywhere. She even broke two of my digital cameras! She would even steal someone’s camera and take the infamous Myspace picture. Looking back, I am so, so, so grateful that she took so many pictures of herself. Now, we have albums full of pictures to have forever. The best pictures are the ones you take unposed and for no reason at all. Those are the ones I have in my room.

Jen also loved art, and she was so good at it too. Even before August, we had a lot of her art hung around the house. What was her favorite thing to paint or draw? Herself. She had a lot of smaller paintings and sketches hung up in her room of herself, and they are so amazingly done. She even did a sketch of sorts where she drew her face using the words “NIF”.

Also, Niff left her mark. I don’t mean just on her friends and family, but she physically left her mark. She would write “NIF” all over the house, and I’m pretty sure no one even notices them. 

Under the counter 

On the door to the pantry

I can’t really describe it, but Jen just left her mark everywhere, so we could always have pieces of her with us. I think this means we can never sell our house, or else the counter, door, and various walls are coming with us.

I don’t think I could have asked for more appropriate weather today.


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