“You kill an artichoke for its heart?”

Sometimes Niff would say things so random that you would laugh so hard your stomach hurt.

A few years back, Jennifer was dating this guy, and would have dinner at his house from time to time. His parents were foodies and enjoyed making more gourmet meals for supper. On one such evening, the family was making gourmet pizzas from scratch. The father asked Jen,

Do you want the pepperoni pizza, or do you want the pizza with artichoke hearts on it?

Now, I can only imagine the face Jen made next, but she was shocked and appalled and said:

Oh my God. You kill an entire artichoke for its heart?

From this point, I can’t even begin to imagine the faces and glances that the parents shared, confused as to why this beautiful girl was worried about an artichoke, and more importantly, eating its heart.

Dear friends, Jennifer thought this was an artichoke:


When in fact, these are real artichokes:

Why Jen thought a woodchuck was called an artichoke is beyond me. Even more scary is she thought people ate those animales, and put their organs on pizza. However, to this day, if I see a woodchuck on the side of the road, I yell, “OMG Its an artichoke!” And when I see a real artichoke in the grocery store, I think of Jen ❤ The fact that I need to classify it as a real artichoke cracks me up.

I was watching a show not too long ago on the Travel Channel, and the guy was in Italy at an artichoke festival. I watched the entire show, and thought how much I missed Jen, and wished she was watching it with me, so she could understand what an artichoke really is, and why you only eat its heart.


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