“Hi, My Name is Scott”

I just went into the linen closet to get more bath tissue, and grabbed two rolls of Scott’s Bath Tissue. I was looking at the wrapping, and read the word “Scott’s” a few times, and remembered the game Nif and I used to place when we were little.


We would both go grocery shopping with my Mom, and usually be bored walking up and down every isle. I don’t know when we started, but we would introduce ourselves as the funny product names. So, being the bath tissue was Scott’s brand, one of us would go, “Hi, my name Scott.” We would laugh, point at the product with the name, and continue on.

Other notable products are:

“Hi, my name is Aunt Jamima.”
“Hi, my name is Oscar Meyer.”
“Hi, my name is Frosted Flakes.”
“Hi, my name is Bounce.”

We would laugh and make the best of grocery shopping.

I can’t believe I forgot about that until now.

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