Cold vs. Hot

You never really realize how much you know about science until you get older. Plus, all this extra time I seem to have, especially while laying pool side, brings up so many memories of Jen.

When we were younger, and just moved into our new house, we were so excited to finally have a pool. As soon as the pool was opened, we would always be splashing around no matter how cold the water was.

To combat the cold water, Jen and I invented a way for the water to feel warmer. We would spray ourselves down with the ice cold water from the garden hose, then run and jump in the pool. Because our skin was covered in colder water, the pool felt so much warmer. Then, as soon as we started to feel cold, we would get out, hose ourselves down, and jump back it. Minus the screams from the ice cold water, it was a pretty awesome plan.

Dad had the hose in the pool before to add water, and I swam past it. The water felt much colder, but as soon as I swam away, the rest of the pool felt warmer.

Its crazy to think of all the stuff you remember when you miss someone so much.

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