Driving Home via Speakerphone

Last evening I was driving home kinda late from dinner with my boy friend and some friends. My boyfriend stayed on the phone with me the whole drive home, to make sure I got home okay. He kept asking, “Where are you on the road?” and made sure I was awake enough to drive. Staying on the phone late at night while driving reminded me of all the times I would call Niff when I was driving home from Albany.

Like many college kids, I would drive home from UAlbany at all hours of the day and/or night. The drive home from Albany wasn’t long (about 90 minuets) but driving down the Taconic at night was usually scary.


I could technically make the entire drive home, and see maybe two other cars the entire time. So, to make me feel more comfortable, I would call Jen, and tell her to put me on speakerphone. I would have my bluetooth in my ear, and Jen would put her phone down, just so we could both be on the phone. We didn’t talk, because she was usually doing something, but I was reassuring that she was on the other end of the phone call.

I remember one time I was driving home in a bad rain storm, and had Nif put me on speakerphone. She was in bed watching Spongebob, so I listened to the TV, and I asked her what episode it was; it was like we were watching TV together.


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