Mom’s Blackberry

Like many phones, they start to bite the dust after a year or so. The whole idea of waiting two years for an upgrade is total nonsense, because most phones do not last that long, especially if you have smart phones that are used all day.

My Mom’s Blackberry has been giving her problems for a while now. Most annoyingly, it has a serious issue with freezing up, and having a lag between moving the track ball, and actually having the cursor move on the screen. She went to Verizon, and they suggested she do a hard reset, but first back up all her files.

When she told me this, I was concerned, because a hard reset is just taking the battery out, and there is no reason to back anything up. However, I did as I was asked, backed up her blackberry, and preformed a hard reset. Still no results.

Mom went back to Verizon, where they told her she needed to perform a master reset, which in a sense, completely wipes your phone of all its data, and restores it back to factory default settings, just like the day you brought it home. Now, I was scared.

A master reset is a serious thing. You lose everything. I was so afraid that the back up wasn’t going to work, or it would miss a file or just something catastrophic would happen. I know my Mom was concerned about her contacts and stuff like that, but I was so worried for all her pictures (many of Jen) and her saved messages from the past year. I backed up everything, saved the pictures on the laptop, and even had my mom forward me all her saved messages, just in case they got lost in the restore. Better to be safe than sorry.

Next, was the moment of truth. I wiped the phone, let it reset, and then restored the phone. And, after a short prayer, everything was back. Nothing was lost. The only thing I needed to do was re-install all her applications.

Call me paranoid, but I just wanted to make sure my Mom didn’t lose anything on her phone, because those are things you can never replace.


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