I always wanted to find a signature perfume that I could always wear, and people would associate myself with that fragrance. One day, I went to Sephora and used their very cool interactive Fragrance Finder to find the scent that best matched my personality. I found the perfume they recommended for me, fell in love with the smell, and bought it right then and there.

The perfume was CHANCE by Chanel. I can’t describe the smell exactly, but I loved it. I must have gone through a few bottles, and asked for more every birthday and Christmas.

Sometimes I would smell that Jen borrowed it, and tell her to not touch it, but she always did. Then, there would be other times where I couldn’t find my bottle, and I would text Nif, and she would tell me she took it to work or school so she could smell pretty.

Back in August, when were were finalizing arrangements, the very nice funeral director lady asked if we wanted to provide any perfume to spray on Jen. I immediately volunteered my bottle of perfume without a hesitation in my mind.

I remember all the smells of the flowers, and the very faint scent of CHANCE.

After everything was said and done, she returned some of our things, which included my perfume. There was not a lot left in the bottle, but I saved it. I’ve never sprayed it again, and keep it safe in my room. I want Jen to be the last one to wear it, not me.


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