Happy Birthday To Me

Well, my birthday has come and gone, and I am another year older.Maybe it is due to the sucky timing, and the fact that my birthday is 21 days after Jen passed away, but I just don’t get as excited for my birthday anymore. I was the first one out of my family to have a birthday after Jen’s passing, and will always have the next family related event/birthday after her angel-versary.

I went to work on my birthday, and wore one of Jen’s sweatshirts. When I went into her room early that morning, I made sure I carefully opened the door and didn’t make too much noise, because I didn’t want to wake her.

Then I remembered she wasn’t in there.

Then I got sad.

I guess it was a force of habit. When she always stole my stuff, I would need to quietly go in her room in the morning and get it back, but didn’t want to wake her up.

When I came home from work, my Mom and Dad gave me my birthday presents. My Mom handed me a card, and when I opened it, I saw the words “Sister” on the front, and knew it was from (Jim gave me my card and present in the morning).

It was a beautiful card, and then I opened the associated gift, and it was a Sis bead for my Pandora bracelet.


 I put it right next to my angel bead ❤


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