MTA Hudson Line

Yesterday, I tried something new. Instead of driving down to Westcheser to see my Lobster, I opted to take the train down. I figured I had been driving all week, and it would be worth the $14 to sit and relax, and have the train be my transportation. Not only am I never doing that again (don’t like walking to my car alone at night), but I didn’t factor in what locations the train passed. 

I caught the train out of New Hamburgh, heading south, so I could get off at Croton Harmon. I found an empty seat, sat down, took out my book, and prepared for my 45 minute ride. At times, I would randomly look  around, find out what station we were at, and return to my book.

Some point after Beacon, I was looking around, and looked out the window towards the river to take in the view.

Then I started to panic.

I saw this (similar)view from my seat:


As soon as I saw that mountain across the river, I knew where I was. I was so scared that I was going to see that tunnel from the train. I didn’t want to see it. I have no reason to it. I watched as the mountain passed by, and kept looking back and forth between the windows, to make sure I passed that area, and didn’t see anything.

Thankfully, all I saw was tall grass and cliffs.

I’ve never been to the site, as I refer to it. I don’t feel there is any reason to go there. Nothing good happened there. It is a dangerous spot. I can admire all the lovely memorial pieces people placed there via Facebook and pictures people send to me. I know for many people that going there is comforting, and I respect that- I truly do.

I however, do not believe it would be beneficial to me.


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  1. Rachel F
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 13:46:03

    I take the train twice a week, and I’ve had to do that every week since one week after Niffie left. At first it scared me, then it became a comfort. But the weird thing is, if I look up and see it… i’m okay. If I miss it and I go through that tunnel right there, my ears pop sooo bad. Pressure I’ve never felt before. Maybe it’s my mind playing tricks, but maybe it’s Nif playing tricks ❤


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