My Artichokes

Artichokes remind me of Nif so much, because of a story she shared with us a while ago that involved pizza toppings. If you don’t remember the full story, you can read about it here »

As many of you may know, I enjoying mailing out cards and letters, and like to add my special touch with personalized return address stickers. My first set were green, and had a “J” in the middle. Sadly, I ran out of them not too long ago, and have been contemplating what my next sticker would be. I was browsing my favorite website, and came across a new sticker design. I argued with myself about it for a while, because I didn’t think the recipients of my cards would understand their special meaning.

Then, I said, “Who the f@#k cares what they think? They are my stickers!” (yes, I have a potty mouth) and ordered them right away.

May I please introduce my new stickers:

 Now, the sticker actually has my address in that outer green ring in white font, but I wanted to share with you my artichokes ❤


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