My Black Cardigan

Many of you, especially my Alpha Xi Delta sisters, know that I love my cardigan sweaters. I have a small collection of cardigans in various colors from Banana Republic, and from time to time, Jennifer would steal, I mean, borrow them.

She would take my cardigans, wear them to work, and usually would either leave them in her car, or in the break room at her job. I would text her something like, “Jen, where is my black cardigan?” and she would reply, “sry its at work.”

When trying to find clothes to wear for Jen’s wake and funeral (wow, that’s hard to say) I could not find my good black cardigan, and had to buy a new one. Soon after, my Mom cleaned out all the stuff that was in the trunk of Niff’s car, and low and behold, there was my black cardigan.

My Mom gave it back to me, and I noticed that Jen reattached one of the buttons that fell off, however, she did it in true Jennifer fashion.

Niffie reattached the button using the tags you use to attach price tags to clothes and shoes

I am not sure to be proud that she quickly and efficiently reattached the button, or upset that she tore a button off (Results: I’m proud <3)

To secure the back of the plastic tag, Jen used the packing tape from Journey’s to secure the down

Our Black Cardigan

I only like to wear this cardigan on special occasions, and wear it and wash it very carefully, as to not ruin the tag or the tape. I wore it a few weekends ago, and didn’t care if someone saw the tape, because I was proud that Jennifer was apart of my cardigan ❤


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  1. black cardigan
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 01:43:16

    nice cardigan, but this cardigan should be washed carefully


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