My Robot

Robots remind me of Jennifer. Not 100% sure why; they just do. I have a pink robot key chain that has rhinestones all over it, and went crazy trying to find it. I think they remind me of her because she always doodled them, and hanging on my wall is one of her best pieces of art, and right on the bottom is a robot.

About a week ago, I was in a local boutique, where they sold jewelry and crafts from local artists. I was browsing along, and came across two robot necklaces; one in silver and one in gold. I bought both of them, and gave the gold one to my Mom.

I love my robot necklace, but didn’t want to wear it as I already wear my important necklaces everyday. Therefore, I made a piece of art for my office so I have something that reminds me of Niff every day.

I bought the following supplies from Hobby Lobby:

  • Black 8 x 10 Shadow Box
  • Blackish/Silverish Scrapbook Paper
That’s all it took.


I put the scrapbook paper in the back of the box, and pinned the necklace to the paper, so that it hangs nicely and doesn’t slide around. It current stands on the top of my bookshelf in my office with my pictures of Jen and myself.


I love it ❤

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