Adventures of Snowtober

Like many people in the north east, we were slammed with a freak snow storm last week, and still recovering from its effects. The storm hit on Saturday, and ended sometime early Sunday morning. I was at my boyfriend’s house, and come home mid Sunday afternoon. Not only did we loose power, but for some reason, Verison Wireless was out, and no one could even use their cell phones to make calls or text. My mom said that people in the next town over were able to use their cell phones, so I bundled up, and drove over so that I could call my Lobster and let him know I was home safe.

Now, I know it was not 100% safe, but I was driving and checking my cellphone to see how many bars I had, and when I had a few bars, I would pull onto a side road, put on my hazards, and try and make a call. Usually, I would loose my signal again, and have to try and find a new spot. I found one side road, parked for a few minuets, and called the appropriate people and send out some work e-mails. On my way home, I realized one of my e-mails had failed, so I pulled into the bowling ally parking lot. I pulled in, tried to find a signal, but had no such luck.

I put my phone down, and began to drive out of the parking lot onto the main road to head home. I was looking at the damage left by the storm, noticed something, put my car in reverse, and even got out of my car to take a picture.

On one of the huge air units, there is a “JD” left on the vents, along with many other initials left by other people. It seems like the kind of vents that you can easy bend, and therefore leave markings. I know Niff’s handwriting, and that is how she wrote her initials; very narrow “J”, uncrossed at the top, and a slightly thinner “D” than normal.

I thought that was such a cool thing to find, especially since she spent a lot of time at the particular bowling ally.

Happy Birthday Eve. kalookalay ❤


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