Happy (Belated) Birthday Jen!

Thursday was Jennifer’s birthday, her 20th birthday, and the 2nd year we celebrated without her. I opted to go to work, and did my best to not dwell on the circumstances of the day. I got teary-eyed at some points, but I didn’t let it consume me. I even wore my pink confidence shirt to work as a little extra niff-love.

I am so, so thankful for all of Jen’s friends. All day, I kept refreshing Niff’s facebook, and read all the wonderful and heartfelt comments that people left. A lot of them made me laugh, a few made me cry, but they all made me feel special to know that my sister had such amazing people in her life.

Some of my favorite comments included:

Happy birthday eve jenniffie! Do it biggggg.. Big dogz style ♥

Hi Jen happy birthday I miss you so much. I haven’t gone one day without thinking about you. Knowing you watch over me all the time makes me feel so safe. I love you Nifff I hope your partying up there boo♥

Happy birthday jennnnifer ♥ love you always, keep watching out for us 🙂 i got a fortune cookie today for you ♥

Happy birthday Jennifer we all know your watching down on us miss you ♥

Happy Birthday Jen. I always think of you when the song “roses” by outcast comes on. I miss those Van Wyck field hockey days…

Happy Birthday Jennifer! RIP and have a good day

Happy birthday beautiful! Miss you ♥

Not many are lucky enough to have a guardian angel like you ; happy birthday beautiful ; keep watching over me & keep me safe ♥

Happy birthday my angel you are truly missed every second of every day ♥

Hey, Jen happy birthday! Think of you alot when I wear the shorts you won for me at field hockey lol we use to call you Jay, BC u went to john Jay :)! One of the best players I’ve ever had the chance to play with! When I met ur brother all I could talk about was how amazing u were at field hockey lol ♥ ! Happy birthday girl, shine down and warm ur family and friends with that amazing smile!

happppyyyyy. birthday nif nif. love you so much. ps I hope you decorated your cloud to the T.

Real cute dropping shoes all over the place last night 😉 happy birthday angel I miss you the most hardd ♥

Happy birthday, Jenn. I know you’re doing it big upstairs

Happy 20th Nif. Miss you terribly. You are our shining angel. Love forever and ever. Daddy Daddy

so its our birthday today, do me a favor and party hard up in heaven. i know you got it in ya. haha go hard.

happy birthday girl, whenever the sun shines today, i’ll know its you. ♥

The thing I really liked, was that most everyone said things like “we miss you,” or “keep watching over us.” No one was selfish.

That evening at home, we had Jen’s favorite birthday dinner, (just like last year) and had the traditional Angel Foo-t cake. I was over at the calendar, and noticed that no one wrote in the box for the 3rd, so I wrote in, “Happy B-Day Niff”.

This past weekend I got a much-needed manicure and pedicure. The color of my polish? Angel Food.

 Niff and I from her 10th birthday (circa November 2001)



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  1. Margaret
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 19:12:07

    lol, great pic.. ❤ u


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