2011 Tiffany & Co. Christmas Ornament

The time for my semi-annual pilgrimage to Tiffany & Co. is upon us, and I did a quick preview of the new ornaments. I popped into the Tiffanys at The Westchester, and found my way to the new ornaments. I was looking at the new designs, and instantly fell in love with one particular design.

As I was looking at the shiny new ornaments, one of the sales associates came over and asked if I needed any help. I told her I was just browsing, and asked me who the ornament was for. I got caught up in the situation, and went into absolute denial mode.

Tiffany & Co. Sales Associate: Who is the ornament for?

Me: My Sister, I like to get her one every year. Last year I got her the angel.

Tiffany & Co. Sales Associate: Oh very nice. I’m sure she would like any of these new ornaments. Which ones are you thinking about.

Me: I like the key and the star, but I need to think about it.

Tiffany & Co. Sales Associate: Well you can ask her which she would like, but then it won’t be a surprise.

Me: Ummmm, yeah. I can text her….

Tiffany & Co. Sales Associate: That would be great!

Me: May I please have your card so I can order it from you?

I left Tiffanys saying to myself, “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” In an effort to be friendly, I shared too much, and just set myself up for an awkward moment. I was upset, thinking I wish I could text Niff, but didn’t let it ruin my whole day.

I will wait for Tiffany’s to have the ornament online, and just buy it that way, and cut out the middle man (and awkward conversations).

‘Tis the season!


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