Floating Teacher

This past weekend, the Lobster and I went to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. We were seated in the middle of the dining room, and as I sat down in my chair, I looked around the room at all the people eating their dinner.

Across the room, in a booth with three other people, was my old 11th grade AP English teacher.

I immediately wanted to text Jen, because her and her best friend had a huge inside joke about this teacher, and how she floats (I am not 100% sure of the whole story, but this particular teacher became known as the Floating Teaching). I sat there, feeling terrible that I wanted to text Jen but knew I couldn’t. I could just imagine how excited she would be if I told her who I saw. Instead, I texted her best friend, and got the best response from her.

I’m glad I was able to share my encounter with her.

Floating Teacher

Not this kind of floating, but close enough…


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