Sometimes, things happen with such remarkable coincidences, there is no way it can just be due to chance…

Last week, I was on my work Facebook account, and noticed I had a message. Being I never use that account, nor people message me, I figured it was spam. I opened the message, and it read:

Hello jacqueline : ) sorry but i am searching for a jacqueline who has made the page “coniffidence” .are you that one?:) it’s really important because i have one question about your tattoo… Which font is it?

Because i wanna make also a tattoo with this font if i can but than i have to know the name of the font for the other letters. The page calls coniffdence. Please give me an answer i would be very happy : )

To which I replied:

Hi, Yes, I am the Coniffdence blogger : )

Which tattoo are you referring to?

She answered:

The tattoo “Confidence”

I sent her the information she requested, and added her as a friend. I was looking at her information, and noticed:


Same month, same day, same year.

I was speechless. Stunned.

We continued our conversation, and I mentioned to her that she had the same birthday as my late sister, and why I got a “confidence” tattoo. She answered:

oooh thank you so much !!!  : ) : )
really?oh thats crazy : ) i want to have ”CONFIDENTIA” on my arm because it means selfconfidence and there is also a whole story behind : )

Originally, I shared with her the information about my confidence tattoo. She message me back asking for the one that Nif got.

I think it is a wonderful and beautiful thing that a complete stranger will be getting a “CONFIDENTIA” tattoo, in the same font as Jen, who has the same birthday as Jen.

Now, I am not good at math, but I wanted to see what the probably of her having the same birthday as Jen was. I tried to figure it out myself, but that just turned into a math-mess. I found this great explanation on the probability of a group of people, where two of them have the same birthday. (That only accounts for same month and same day. Jen and my new friend also share the same year).

 I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to tell my Mom and Dad.

If you ask me, there was devine intervention involved in this set up ❤


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  1. Sandy
    Nov 05, 2017 @ 20:42:46



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