St. Patricks Cathedral

This past weekend, the Lobster and I made our annual holiday season pilgrimage to New York City. We stopped at all our favorite spots, but this year, I added something new.

For a second year in a row, we went to the city to see the tree, and do all the typical touristy stuff along the way. Our adventure included:

  • The tree at Rockefeller Center
  • Tiffany & Co. on 5th
  • Cartier on 5th
  • All the cute shops in Bryant Park
  • Nice, romantic dinner

But this year, I added a new spot; St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We were walking along, I noticed the doors of the church open, and tons of people walking inside. I figured it was open to the public, and asked if we could go inside.

We walked in, and it was breathtaking. It was weird for there to be so many people, but it was oddly quiet as people filled the pews to pray, and walk around and admire the art and statues. We walked down the main asile (don’t worry, I hummed the wedding march tune) and made our way to a small area behind the main alter. There was a private service going on in the very back, but we were able to look around and read some of the signs.

I saw that the church was filled with the stands to light memorial candles, so I grabbed a candle, put it in a holder dead center of all the other flames, and lit a candle for Niff. I thought it would be proper to light a candle in one of the most beautiful churches in NY.

You can light a virtual candle (with suggested donation) on their website, and they light one huge candle in the church for all the online candle lightings.


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