Sisters Ring

Whenever I see anything that has the word “Sister” on it, I feel a little sad inside. It upsets me that I don’t have anymore to buy it for anymore. However, I made an exception not too long ago, and bought a very simple Sisters ring from Kohl’s.

I had originally seen this ring before Christmas, on one of the may floor displays at my local Kohl’s. I tried it on, looked at it, but never bought it. I loved everything about it; I just felt weird buying it. Then, a few weeks ago, I was in Kohl’s again, and saw the ring. It was on a sale rack, and just had a sudden urge to have it. I promptly bought it, and tried to put it on in the car (but it was tightly secured to the packaging).

It is a simple ring, and I wear it on my pinkey finger.

On the top it says “Sisters,” and all around it, it has cute little sayings and hearts. It says things like “Best Friends” and “Love You” and stuff things like that. I make sure that when I put it on, the word “Sisters” faces me ❤


I wore my ring today, and wanted to share all the cute messages on it:

  • Make Life Better
  • Soul Mates
  • U Make Me Smile
  • XOXO
  • Love
  • Best Friends
  • Always There 4 U

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