Too Many Cookies

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to bake my Lobster some extra cute cookies, and bring them to him at work. My goal was to bake cookies that looked like these:

But they actually didn’t look anything like them (dough kept cracking when I tried to make the swirl). However, they still came out cute, and tasted delicious.

I made two packages of sugar cookies, which resulted in exactly five dozen cookies (with three extra that were used as taste samples for my Dad and I). I packaged up all the cookies in nice glassine bags, and tied a bow to secure them. After making 10 bags, I realized that my Lobster didn’t need that many cookies (he’d get a tummy ache), so I set four aside. My thought was I would give everyone in my family some cookies with their Valentine’s Day cards.

I packed up the cookies for my Lobster, and then went to go put the remaining four bags in the dining room, to place them with everyone’s cards.

I put one bag of cookies on my Mom’s card.

I put one bag of cookies on my Dad’s card.

I put one bag of cookies on my Brother’s card.

Then I realized I had an extra bag of cookies. Then I cried.

I am so programmed to think that there are four other people in my family, I never even second guessed myself to put four bags aside. I got upset at myself for forgetting, and even more upset that Jen couldn’t enjoy the cookies.

When my Mom got home, I showed her the four bags of cookies and cards, and asked her what was wrong with that layout, and she didn’t notice either until I pointed it out.

Its weird how your brain gets programmed, and how you self consciously do thing without even realizing it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Niff ❤


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  1. Aunt M
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 13:56:31


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