Dad’s CD No. 1

Last week, my car was in and out of the shop because I needed new tires and brakes. My dad let me borrow his car so I could get to work, and I would occasionally listen to the CDs he had in the CD changer. One such CD was a gift from Jen, where she burned all of my Dad’s favorite songs, along with a few other eclectic choices. Whenever I listen to the CD, I get choked up on certain songs, just because they have so much meaning behind them.

May I present to you my Dad’s CD No. 1:

Track 1: Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches & Herb

Track 2: Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

Track 3: So Happy Together by The Turtles
(This song reminds me of the twirling routine Jen and I did for our parents as an anniversary gift. We made it up in our living room before there was any furniture in it. I still remember some of the dance moves)  

Track 4: Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford

Track 5: My Girl by The Temtations

Track 6: Underdog Theme Song
(My dad always sings this sound around the house)

Track 7: In A Gadda Da Vida by Iron Butterfly
(My Dad always hums the chorus)

Track 8: Please Mr. Columbus (Turn The Ship Around) by Lou Monte
(This song always makes me think of Jen. We would play it on the old record player, which Jen called ‘Big CDs’ and would sing along)

Track 9: I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred

Track 10: Dominic the Donkey by Lou Monte
(A great Christmas song that I think was also on the Lou Monte “Big CD”)

Track 11: Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
(Sweet Caroline, Oh oh oh!)

Track 12: What is Love by Haddaway
(We would always do the head bop thing while in the car)

Track 13: Temperature by Sean Paul
(Not really sure why this was ever put on the CD…)

Track 14: Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett

Track 15: Animal Crackers in My Soup by Shirley Temple
(Jen would sing thing randomly, not really sure how she ever knew the words)

Track 16: I’ts Raining Men by The Weather Girls
(This song makes me cry the hardest because it was an amazing twirling routine, and every time I hear it, I picture everyone twirling and all the moves)

It is so surreal to think how much we associate music with memories. What songs remind you of Niff, or any loved one for that matter?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane Flood
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 11:33:11

    jacqueline, I often think of your family. I hope all is well.


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