Dining Room Table and Kitchen Table

It is very weird how simple things like the placement of chairs can make a huge difference in how you feel.

Sunday was Easter, and just like last year, I had to color the eggs by myself. Except, this year, I had a system and enjoyed coloring all 23 eggs (I  should have had 24 eggs, but I needed to taste one before I colored it).

My work station.

My invention- I used an old box and cut out 23 holes for the eggs to dry on. The holes you punch out from the back of the kit doesn’t cut it.

The first six eggs. The colors are so bright!

The first dozen eggs.

All 23 eggs. I did one less purple egg, because they always come out splotchy.

 For Easter dinner, my Mom seated us in the dining room, which we haven’t used in a while. There was six of us for dinner, so I set the table where my Dad would sit at the head of the table, and everyone else sat down the sides (which would have resulted in a few empty chairs). My Mom din’t like this idea, so as a result, we removed some chairs from the table, so there was just enough chairs for everyone to sit; no more, no less.

At first my brother was saying he didn’t like the seating arrangement and wanted to move his chair. I told him, “No, this is what Mommy wants,” and he still wouldn’t listen. Then, I harshly said, “Don’t make me ruin your Easter by saying the real reason the chairs are like this.” After that, everyone sat down with no questions asked.

Yesterday was Jim’s birthday, and we all sat at the kitchen table. Jim’s girl friend was joining us for dinner, so my Mom got out the folding chair to accommodate the extra person. When dinner was ready, I sat down in the folding chair, like I always did when there were five of us at dinner. I sat down in my chair, and it felt so weird to be there.

Siting in that chair meant that Jen would be sitting at the table with us. I knew that if I looked to the right of the table, Jen would be sitting there, like she always was. I decided that wasn’t the best spot for me, and changed my seat back.


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