“Is that you sister?”

Yesterday, one of the sweetest things happened at work. One of my co-workers came into my office to ask a question about a project we are all working on.

Allow me to set the stage; I have a bookcase with various books and reference material on it, and on top of it are a few personal things:

  1. Picture of Jennifer and Me in my sister frame
  2. Picture of the Lobster and myself
  3. My Robot Necklace

My co-worker was looking at my bookcase, and was looking at the picture of Niff and me for a while, and then he asked, “Is that a picture of your sister?” to which I replied, “Yeah, that’s Jennifer.”

I think they know that Jennifer passed away, but just the way he asked if that was her was just so perfect. He didn’t mention anything about her passing or used past-tense verbs (“Was that your sister?”).

It made me happy to even talk about her, if even for a brief moment.

On a somewhat related topic, the other day I was getting blood work done, and the nurse was using my left arm. She noticed my kalookalay tattoo and asked what it meant. I told her that it was secret talk between me and my sister. I didn’t feel like telling her all the details. A few moments later a second nurse was walking by, and my nurse showed her my tattoo, and said how cool it was that it was secret sister talk. I thought it was nice that they respected the meaning of my tattoo.


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