I’ve already mentioned this but last night I was in the mall running a few quick errands. I was on a mission for white shoes, and went into every store before I committed to a pair. As I made my way through all the stores, I stopped into Journeys (where Niff used to work) to see if they had any cute pairs. They redid the layout of the store, and everything was new, including the register area.

Journeys in the Poughkeepsie Galleria


After (in a different mall)

They did not have any cute shoes, but I found myself looking all around the register area. In the old store, on the left side of the register, near the phone, was a whole obituary type thing for Jen. It has emails from their corporate office, notes from Jen, and other things the staff added to it. I looked all around, but couldn’t find any trace of Jen. One of the sales associates asked me if I needed help and I asked, “This may sound weird, but where is the thing for Jen? It used to be right here.”

The young girl told me, that everything was safe in the back, and she had her own special collection in a box. I breathed a sigh of relief, and introduced myself as Jen’s sister. The very nice sales associate said that she knew who I was, and that she had everything saved, and that she was not going to be forgotten at Journeys.

Every time I go into Journeys it makes me miss Niff, because whenever she was working, I would usually bring her lunch or dinner. To this day, I use a purple Journeys lanyard as a key chain for my keys. It is the same lanyard that was on the huge flower arrangement from the Journeys’ team from the wake.

I walked out of the store smiling, knowing that she was not forgotten.


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