“HELLO. My name is Jen”

Besides my sister, I don’t know many other Jens (that I talk to on a semi-regular basis). So, whenever I hear someone mentioned the name Jen, I think of Nif. At work, we’ve been working with a new client, and surprise, surprise, her name is Jennifer. At first, it was so odd for someone to say, “Can you e-mail Jen about the project,” because I instantly thought about my sister.

It has gotten less odd for me, as I have been working with this client more and more. Now, when I hear the name Jen, I don’t immediately panic and think of my sister, and I am able to e-mail her, without finding it weird to type “Jennifer” in the contact field.

This also happens when I am listening to the radio, and someone will call in, and say that their name is Jennifer. I freeze for a moment, and then I snap back to reality.

HELLO My name is Jen


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